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As Bengartek, we are working to create your brand in the digital field. We serve you with corporate web designs, e-commerce systems integrations, digital platfrom ads, search engine optimizations, brand value studies. Our main goal in all our services is customer satisfaction, professional teamwork and continuous feedback to help you reach your potential customer masses.

Our Projects

You can review the projects we have completed before.

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Our Services

We work with all our strength with our professional team to increase brand awareness in the digitalizing world, reach your potential customers or create corporate identity. .

Corporate Web Designs

In order to increase brand value and create corporate identity for corporate companies, we are designing completely customized web pages for you.
1 Free Domain Registration+ 1 Free Hosting Service+ 10 e-mail adress with your domain extension +100 GB Monthly Free Website Traffic+ 10 GB Storage Space+7/24 Free Technical Support+ Free Live Chat Support

Digital Advertisement Service

Reaching your potential customers in digital platforms allows you to reduce your cost by up to 50% based on physical advertising. As Bengartek, we work for your customer bases. Google Adwords are word-based ads in the search engine. When you run these ads, Google only charges you per click (CPC) when your ads are clicked. Google Ads ads are mostly used to increase sales.Social Media Ads allows you to reach potential customers who can follow you to increase your brand awareness and compete with your competitors on digital platforms. Advertising for your brand in digital environments reveals your brand awareness and potential customer base.

Social Media Management

Your customers want to see you professional in every digital platforms, so it is important for companies to regularly share content, campaigns, announcements in your accounts on all social media platforms. Interesting and shareable social media management is the only way to gain and retain followers. Without the right content, the right promotion and the right business partner standing behind of you, you won't be successful on social media. You need to grow socially for your brand to grow financially. You can follow the requests of your customers with Social Media, you can direct your company according to trends.

Search Engine Optimizations

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo explore web pages through robots and show pages in their search results, since people search using these search tools, it is important to rank in search engines. With search engine optimization, we can optimize your website by matching your search criteria to allow your search engines to "explore" your site in a more comfortable way.We can promote your website in search engine searches for targeted keywords. As Bengartek, we can ensure that these links and shares are organized regularly, by analyzing the statistics of your website and directing your optimizations, you can get faster results.

Digital Marketing Management

Advertising agencies usually do the advertising work you plan within the type of ad you want. As Bengartek, we manage all of your project-based digital advertising works together and we are constantly communicating with you through regular reporting.


Optimize your ads and ensure maximum performance with your budget. We identify your target audience correctly and deliver your ads to the right audience. We organize special campaigns for you based on the service you provide or the product you sell. We provide control of your accounts and notify you with the BRS reporting system. Let your digital universe compass Bengartek raise your brand for you on the Internet.

Hosting Service

We provide server hosting services for your websites, blog pages. If you wish, you can rent our high-performance virtual machines at affordable prices and host the services you want. Cloudlinux, Litespeed and SSD disk hardware with web hosting services we provide the highest level of performance, 99% uptime guarantee is provided with our experienced team. Please contact us for server hosting prices.

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